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Dan Twine Q & A

Dan Twine Q & A

We always love to hear how our products are used by people. We connected with Dan Twine, a freelance Cameraman from the UK,  who was pictured online hard at work, with his Damson HeadSpace plugged into his camera.


We were lucky enough to sit down with Dan for 5 minutes and ask some questions....



Who are you?


Dan Twine


What do you do?


I am a Freelance Camera Operator working mostly on television documentaries, corporate shoots and live events.


What notable projects have you worked on?


I filmed the second series of Educating Joey Essex which was quite exciting. Joey is definitely a fun character to work with.

I also had quite a cool job for the discovery channel where we filmed all over the world for 8 months. We went to New York, Washington, Ghana, Italy, Holland and even went to CERN in Switzerland where the World Wide Web was created.



What is the funniest thing you have filmed?


This is a bit naughty, but I was working on a documentary for BBC 3 a few years ago and it involved us filming one of London’s elite sex parties, we were in a room with 50 couples, all of whom were ‘enjoying each other’s company’ we’ll say. It was a very strange experience and I did get the giggles every now and again.


What is the most interesting thing you have filmed?


I had a job last year shooting at Stamford Bridge, the home stadium of Chelsea football club, filming an event the club puts on for scouting young players into the team. This was especially interesting to me as I’m a big football fan and Chelsea is the team I support. Walking down the tunnel was pretty exciting and I got even got to meet an ex-player Tore André Flo, who was one of my footballing heroes growing up.



When did you start using the Damson Headspace?


I bought my Damson headspace in late November 2011 so have been using them for nearly 6 months now.


What made you change over from your previous headphones?


I wanted a pair of noise-cancelling headphones and my previous pair of Beats didn’t have that function.


Where did you hear of Damson Global?


A friend mentioned them to me after he saw an offer online.


Do you use the Headspace for anything other than sound work with your camera?


Other than for work I mostly use them on public transport, they’re great on trains and planes for cutting out all the extra noise around me.



What’s your favourite thing to listen to on your HeadSpace?


I mostly download films and tv shows from iPlayer and Netflix etc and watch them on public transport.


Do you have any tips on what our readers should be listening to?


I’m a big fan of the comedian Greg Davis and currently downloading and watching his live stand-up gigs. His new one is hilarious and well worth a watch!


What’s next for you?


I’m planning on moving into more directing roles, I’m currently working on a project for ITV about the RAF but its top secret and I can’t say much more!


Thanks To Dan for his taking the time to chat with us. Give him a follow on Instagram @cameraman.dan