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Our Top 10 Marvel Movies so far....

Our Top 10 Marvel Movies so far....

Before the HIGHLY anticipated Avengers: Endgame coming out, we have put together our top 10 favourite MCU movies so far...I say so far, because the standard is getting higher and higher with each release seemingly, so this time next year, the list could look very different indeed...

*DISCLAIMER* - We are including only the ones that are linked to the Avengers, so no X-Men, Deadpool etc....



10) Ant-Man

This was probably Marvel's funniest movie to date, until Thor: Ragnorak (more on that later). That shouldn't be too much of a surprise considering they cast the Hilarious (and ageless) Paul Rudd in the lead role, and written by, at various point, Joe Cornish, Edgar Wright and Adam McKay. They also brought together a wonderful and diverse ensemble supporting cast, which to be fair is usually a given with Marvel movies. Production reportedly wasn't without its issues, but you can't tell by the end result, a Marvel movie that is just as suitable for children as it is for adults, and one that gets better with every watch. Paul Rudd really is a star.


9) Iron Man

Or, "The One That Started It All", especially in terms of the combined MCU. Another absolute casting masterstroke in making Robert Downey Jr as the handsome, sarcastic, jaded, sometimes arrogant millionaire entrepreneur genius turned Super-Hero. Its absolutely impossible to imagine anyone but RDJ playing Tony Stark now, such is the indelible stamp he has left on the character. The very first Iron Man is over 10(!) years old now, but hasn't really aged at all, and is still as fun now at your second, third, or 20th viewing. If rumours or his contract ending after Avengers: Endgame are to be believed, you can bet he's going to go out with a hell of a bang!


8) Avengers

Yeah, the single-hero pictures are fun, but you couldn't help but get a bit giddy when they announced Avengers was finally going to happen, helmed by Sci-Fi and Fantasy legend Joss Whedon. What could have been a bit of an overindulgent mess, turned out to be perhaps the quintessential Marvel movie, and introduced audiences to the idea of mashing together the lives of different heroes. Bringing together Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow, and pitting them all against the deliciously evil and mischievous Loki and his armies of minions, this was a real turning point for the MCU, and the point where they started to be treated less like a sugary overload, and more like a seriously good action and adventure movies.


7) Captain America: The Winter Soldier

As a disclaimer, I really didn't like Captain America: The First Avenger, so my hopes weren't too high for its sequel, but I was proven seriously wrong. "Cap" was probably one of Marvel's most boring characters in print, but this movie especially turned him into one of the most likeable on screen. Playing out like a good old fashioned spy thriller in parts, the Story follows Cap while he negotiates waking up 50+ years in the future, with also having to deal with a ghost from his past. As great as all the Movies on this list are, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is very possibly the easiest to watch over and over again.


6) Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 & 5) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1

There's not much between the two GOTG movies to be fair. People didn't quite know what to expect with the first movie, what with a talking Racoon, a talking Tree, and a guy calling himself "Star Lord", but the first GOTG was like a breath of fresh air. Both are emotional, family dramas, without taking themselves too seriously, and in parts, side-splittingly hilarious, without ever being to slapstick. It takes some serious directing chops to manage that, and James Gunn did a hell of a job, and his fingerprints on Volume 3 would have been sorely missed, had Disney not seen sense and reinstated him to the director's chair. It's hard to think of a pair of superhero movies that have produced so many ridiculously quotable lines, and creating Baby Groot for Volume 2 was a genius marketing. Also, and this goes without saying, the soundtracks for both movies are SUBLIME. 


4) Black Panther

The first Marvel movie to receive a nomination for Best Film at the Oscar's, and it is incredibly well deserved. Black Panther the character was introduced in Captain America: Civil War to much acclaim, but it here he is the star attraction. Chadwick Boseman oozes charisma and is VERY ably supported by an incredible supporting cast of Michael B Jordan, Letitia Wright, Daniel Kaluuya and many, man others. Michael B Jordan especially, won significant praise and was probably the finest example of a Marvel villain, until Thanos came along at least. Black Panther was an absolute colossus at the box office, and its success has surely become the standard for all future Marvel releases.


3) Captain America: Civil War

This may be a Captain America movie by name, but it's definitely more of an ensemble piece in the same vein as the Avengers movies. Not only is it incredibly entertaining ride with some great scenes (especially the deserted airport battle), but it is also the Movie that introduces Black Panther and Spiderman into the wider MCU. Tom Holland absolutely nails it as Spiderman by the way. A marked improvement on the interpretations by Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Released in 2016, this raised some serious questions about vigilantism and the importance of choosing the right side. Even if you aren't a fan of superhero movies, you should DEFINITELY check this out. 


2) Thor: Ragnarok

When Taika Waititi was announced as the director of the third Thor installment, we didn't quite know what to expect, us, along with the rest of the viewers worldwide were absolutely blown away by the results. For 4 movies, Thor was one of the blandest, most uninspiring characters, until Waititi unleashed the superb comic timing hidden within its star Chris Hemsworth, to produce not only the funniest Marvel movie, but also one of the funniest movies of the last few years. Somehow, the Hulk/Thor bromance, the talking rock monster and Jeff Goldblum pretty much playing Jeff Goldblum all combined to make this masterpiece, all the while making sure that the humour didn't undercut the dramatic element. Tom Hiddleston's Loki is back too, of course, and they also introduce the brilliant Cake Blanchett as Thor's estranged sister Hela. It's really difficult to explain how this all works, so the best bet is to watch it. And watch it again. And again. Can we have Taika Waititi make every movie for the rest of time, please?


1) Avengers: Infinity War

Just pipping Thor: Ragnarok to the post is the incredible epic, Avengers: Infinity War. Other than the newest Star Wars Movies, we can't remember a cinema release being so eagerly anticipated. Expectations were ridiculously high, Joe and Anthony Russo managed to produce something quite extraordinary. The tone flits between exciting, funny, emotional, and back again throughout the 2 hour plus runtime. The biggest compliment you can pay to a movie so long is that the time flies by. After teasing the introduction of Thanos for a good few years, they finally deliver, and then some. Josh Brolin is perfect as the voice and mannerisms of the Titan. as much as you don't want him to "re-balance the universe", you can't help but like him, which is a combination of Brolin's performance and some very smart writing. With all Marvel movies, as much as you know the heroes are in dangerous situations, there's not really a fear of death, but that all changes with Infinity War. Yes, it does make you cry for deaths that are almost certainly not certain, but it's still incredibly tragic. We eagerly await Avengers: Endgame to see just how this story Arc is tied up, and just how our favorites (or what's left of them) are going to get out of this situation! 149 minutes of pure, popcorn enjoyment. The way blockbusters should be.