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Top 5 Popcorn flicks for your Home Cinema

Top 5 Popcorn flicks for your Home Cinema

Firstly, you may be wondering what is Dolby Atmos? A traditional 5.1 system sends sound around you. Dolby Atmos allows sound to be positioned anywhere, in front, above, behind, to the side. You actually hear the helicopter fly overhead and cars race by you. This has been a part of filmmaking since 2012, and until recently was only used in cinemas, now it can now be used in your own home and is completely revolutionising the sound design aspect of filmmaking. Set up the S-Series in 5.1.2 to experience Movie’s like the filmmakers intended.

By installing the Damson S-Series: Dolby Atmos Wireless Home Cinema System in your home, Dolby Atmos is now more accessible than ever, and, more importantly, it’s significantly lower in price than competing products without forgoing Dolby’s very high quality requirements. Oh, and it’s wireless.

Here at Damson HQ we have compiled a list of the top 5 films for you to watch through your Damson S-Series at home. So get your feet up, get stuck into a BIG bag of popcorn, and enjoy the experience….


Abandoned on Mars with sparse resources and little chance of rescue, Matt Damon’s character has to use all his wits and training to save his own life. The soundtrack is projected composed to be played through an Atmos compatible system, and when done so it gives the viewer a realistic sense of suspense as time, oxygen and hope run out. Playing through the Damson S-Series will make you truly feel like you could be there. Almost the perfect example of a Saturday night movie.


A prequel, of sorts, to the series of Harry Potter stores, this fantasy tale of magic and mischief was a huge hit when released in cinemas. As you would expect, the visual and sound effects are off the charts. Filmed in Dolby Atmos, watching this on your S-Series will give the surreal impression that you are surrounded by all the weird and wonderful creatures on offer. One for all the family.


Moana is a classic Disney coming of age tale. While there is no denying that visually the film looks gorgeous. The painstaking detail of the Polynesian islands,  the uber realistic way the characters features are animated, everything about it looks fantastic. The soundtrack is mastered is Dolby Atmos, and watched using the S-Series, you get a real sense of being part of the story. Great sound effects and really, really catchy songs, make this a home cinema experience you will not want to miss. And The Rock is in it. And he’s great in everything.


X-Men for adults. Basically. Logan is the end of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine story and is one of the best received films Marvel has ever produced. Brutal, and surprisingly heart-breaking, Logan is a real surprise. The way the sound engineers created the effects and played through the Damson S-Series, gives a real feeling of being a part of the action. Every shout, scream, gunshot and swoosh of our hero’s claws is amplified ten-fold by the Dolby Atmos system. Plus, hearing Patrick Stewart drop the “F-Bomb” sounds great no matter how you’re watching it! A warning beforehand through, this one is DEFINITELY not for kids.


The resurrection of the Mad Max saga was a strange one. Coming 30 years after the last instalment, Beyond Thunderdome, no one knew quite what to expect. Thankfully, it’s a masterpiece. It is essentially whacky races with the volume turned up. 2 hours of ramshackle vehicles racing across the red wasteland, the visual effects and stunt work are something else, but it is the sound that really makes it what it is. Metal collides, flames erupt, engines roar, and all give you an intense viewing experience, all alongside a, quite frankly, bonkers soundtrack produced by Junkie XL. This is without a doubt, the BEST example of Dolby Atmos’ powers within the home cinema.