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Why are my S-Cubes Buzzing?

What mode is your S-Cube in? Are you connected to the S-Series or are you in Bluetooth?

If you are in Bluetooth, there may be a slight interference when no audio is playing when in Bluetooth, but this will vanish once audio is being played. If this continues or gets worse, please contact our support team

How do I pair my S-Cubes in Bluetooth?

Once one of your speakers is connected to your Bluetooth device, take the next one you want to pair, and press the pair button on the back of it at the same time as the one on the back of the “master” speaker. These will now be paired together.

Can I control my S-Cubes with my remote?

No you can’t. You will have to control the volume from the device that you are playing the audio from?

How many S-Cubes can I connect all together?

You can connect a maximum of 16

How do I charge the S-Cubes?

All the S-Cubes come with an AC/DC charging cable. These can be fully charged in 2 hours.

How long does the battery last?

The S-Cube battery lasts up to 8 hours (audio and volume dependent)

Can I use the S-Cube with out the S-Series?

Yes, the S-Cubes can be used independently as Blutooth speakers, or a multi-room stereo system.

Why is my S-Cube rattling?

There may be something loose inside. You will need to send this in to us for further testing.