Product support



How do I connect by Bluetooth?

Turn on Vulcan a voice will say hello and then “pairing”. In the Bluetooth settings of your device search for Damson Vulcan. Once found you shouldn’t need to re-pair again.

How can I connect using a cable?

Insert a 3.5mm cable into the back of the Vulcan. Press and hold the play/pause button for a few seconds, release your finger and it will turn white. Play on the device to listen to the audio. Vulcan also sounds great as a sound bar when using to watch TV. Try it, you’ll be surprised!

Can I use the Vulcan as a Speakerphone?

Connect a phone or tablet and receive when a call is incoming press the play/pause button to answer.

Can I replace the Grilles?

Yes, they are magnetic and easil removed or reattached. These can be purchased on our website or on Amazon.

How will I know if the Vulcan is charging?

The logo will flash Red if it is turned on, or stay solid red if it is turned off, until it is charged. When fully charged the LED will go off.

Will I know when my battery is low?

When the battery is at 20% power or less, you will hear an intermittent “battery low, please charge” alert

The LED is solid but no audio is playing when I play from my device

Please check that no other devices have connected to the Vulcan first. To do this check the device you are using is connected to Vulcan. If it is not, turn Vulcan off, and back on. If you hear “connected” and it has still not connected to your device, then it has connected to another device. Disconnect and connect the device you want to play from. Any further issues connecting, please contact our Support Team

My speaker will not turn on unless it is powered

Your battery may need charging (when charging the logo will blink red), or there may be a problem with your battery. If your product is in warranty this will be covered by the warranty. If it is out of warranty we can offer an out of warranty repair.

Vulcan seems stuck in Bluetooth mode, I can't switch off or change to Aux in.

We recommend letting the battery discharge fully. This usually resolves this issue.

Do you cover cosmetic damage?

We can offer an our of service warranty.