Small Size. Big Sound

You will love that the Cisor is small and portable. Yet, despite its small size, the Cisor can still put out a big sound. The quality and volume are there, all you have to do is find a surface.

Twist and go

The Cisor is fast and easy to use. Simply twist it to turn on and pair your device with bluetooth.

Mount It

Damson offers accessories like the mount which allows you to use your Cisor on smooth, vertical surfaces. The bigger the surface, the louder the audio, so get creative. Mount your Cisor onto a window to hear sound both inside and out!

Find the perfect surface for the perfect sound

Vibration Speaker

Uses resonance technology to amplify the sound through the surface it is placed on.


Cisor looks and feels amazing. It’s as simple as that. Beautifully crafted from anodised aluminium and available in silver or black design.


76 x 58 mm in size and 320 grams weight. Easy to use: Minimal design features just twist to connect.

Long Playtime

Up to 6 hours playback with a battery charge time of 2 to 3 hours with the supplied USB-C.

Amplify sound from almost any surface

Cisor amplifies the music using the surface it is placed on as a speaker. The bigger the surface, the bigger the sound. Try glass for amazing sound. Enjoy experimenting with different surfaces. Add Cisor’s metal mount (available separately) to fix the Cisor to vertical surfaces. Attach to a window to hear sound on both sides, making it great for parties, or turn your entire car into a speaker by fixing the Cisor to the rear window.

Incisor Diffusion Technology

Traditional speakers use a cone to convert sound waves into audio. Cisor replaces the cone by using our unique Incisor Diffusion Technology. Small ‘teeth’ replace the cone and transfer sound down to the foot. The result is a powerful sound from a remarkably small speaker.

Connect Two Cisors
for Wireless Stereo

If you’re not content with the amazing sound produced from a single Cisor, no fear just connect a second Cisor and create amazing wireless stereo effects. Go further by adding the mount and fix to a window to create a truly unique audio experience.

Perfect on the Move

Thanks to Cisor’s diminutive size (it’s smaller than a small can of soda) and it’s well built construction out of a single piece of aluminium with its solid foot, Cisor is perfect for on the move. All you need to do is find the best surface to play on.




Damson Cisor


  • Powerful Incisor Diffusion Technology surface driver.

  • Multi-function for play/pause/skip

  • Bluetooth wireless connection

  • Aux-in for wired connections.

  • Supports wireless stereo when connecting a second Cisor.

  • Weight: 315g (12oz)

  • Size: 7.5 x 6 x 6cm

  • 2 hours charge time

  1. Damson Cisor
  2. USB-C charging cable
  3. User Guide


User Guide
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