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Please read the following user guide for information on basic settings and system updates in order to familiarise yourself with your AuraVisor. 

*****Please ensure you download the latest software update*****

 Software Update

For information on the latest software update please click here

AuraVisor Functions

  1. Power on/off
  2. Menu/recentre view button
  3. Volume minus
  4. Volume plus
  5. Hard Reset function
  6. MicroSD port
  7. Back/Previous
  8. Directional buttons
  9. Enter/OK
  10. Focus Adjustment. To adjust left/right eye focus
  11. IPD. Adjust according to your pupil width
  12. Charging LED indicator
  13. Micro USB (data transfer and charging).
  14. Mini HDMI
  15. Aux Out; 3.5 Headphone Jack

Fitting your Headstrap

  • Attach the long strap through the slots on the sides of AuraVisor [image 1]

  • Attach the short strap to the back of the longer strap [image 2]

  • Attached the front of the short strap to AuraVisor by clicking into place [image 3].

For maximum comfort it is important to fit the strap with the velcro showing as in images 1 and 2. 

Adjust the velcro for maximum comfort ensuring that the AuraVisor is pulled sufficiently tight on the short strap so as not to cause discomfort to your nose.

For smaller sized heads we advise using the first slot. For larger heads use the second.

Ensuring your lenses are clear. 

The lenses are vital for the comfort and vision you will experience through Virtual Reality. Without realising it if your eyelashes or fingers come into contact with the lenses the natural oils they transfer onto the lenses and will blur your vision. Similar to the way oil/grease on roads will blur the vision of a windshield. 

Please clean your lenses often with a microfibre cloth. 

Removing Dust particles/hair (often confused for dead pixels/cracked screen).

  1. Remove the dust port cap [image 1] using your fingers or a sharp pointed object
  2. Identify the ports for each eyes screen [image 2]
  3. Use a can of compressed air or a rubber dust blower [image 3]
  4. Insert the nozel into a port and blow several times all around the screen.
  5. Do this for each side
  6. Dust build up should be displaced from teh screen and what appeared to be dead pixels be removed
  7. replace the dust port cap.

Adjusting the focus of the screen

Everyones eyes are different, both in vision and position. We have tried to incorporate as much as we can to help alleviate focus issues.

Using the scroll wheels [10] move your fingers in a downward direction (left - anticlockwise, right clockwise) to bring the screen closer to your eyes. To move the screen away do the opposite motion. The screen moves a total bilateral distance of 10mm, whilst this may appear a small distance it is significant when considering the distance your eyes are from the screen. 

Adjusting the screen distance can aid with vision focus and in bringing edges of pages when using an app that may require vision of the corner of the screen. The video below may help understand how the scroll wheels work.

To optimise your viewing experience  including best focus and less "keyhole" experience adjust the IPD dials (11). Moving closer together will create a keyhole view, moving further away will create a wider viewing range, up to 100º field of view. 

It can take a little adjustment to get your picture view perfect but once you do everything should fit. 

Charging your AuraVisor

To charge your AuraVisor we strongly recommend only using the cable supplied. Do not attempt to charge your AuraVisor from a computer, notebook or other device with a USB port. These types of devices do not supply enough power. 

We recommend using a wall plug or power bank which provides 2.1 Amp like the plugs supplied with Apple or Samsung smartphones. 

Pairing the Bluetooth Gamepad

On the gamepad lift up the centre flap with the AuraVisor logo. Switch the button to Android mode (left). Press the power button on the games controller (to the left of the AuraVisor logo above the directional pad. The LED will flash green. On the AuraVisor go to >Settings > Bluetooth and scan. The AuraVisor will discover the games controller named as "R02" Select this to connect. The games controller is paired and connected when the green LED becomes solid instead of blinking. To use the games controller in the future ensure Bluetooth is switched on on the AuraVisor and press the power button on the games controller. 

Understanding your Home Screen

  1. Apps - A home home for all your apps
  2. Theatre - Watch movies as if you were actually there. 
  3. Photos - 360º or 3D photo viewer
  4. Tools - All your AuraVisor functions

Connecting to Bluetooth and Wifi

Using the directional buttons [8] navigate to Tools or hover the white DOT over Tools and click OK [9]. Navigate to Settings. In settings select either WIFI or Bluetooth and select the device, or WIFI network, you wish to connect to.  When completed navigate back to the home screen using the back button [7].

Updating your AuraVisor System Software

>Tools > Settings > System > System Update. Choose either to check through WIFI or install from the MicroSD card. 

System Updates will be sent to you periodically and notifications will display on the screen when these are available. 

For information on the latest software update please click here

Recenter horizontal view

look in the direction you want to see the center of the screen. Push and hold the Menu Button [2] for 2 seconds. This should be possible in any app.

Additional help

For troubleshooting, tips on handling, app-recommendations and more, please visit the Damson-Forum here (coming soon)

Changing your default language

Currently only English and Chinese is supported, more languages are in development.

Tools > Settings > General > Language

Performing a Reset

There are two types of reset. A "soft" reset which will delete items in the system cache which may be causing issues and a Factory reset which removes all data. 

To perform a soft reset follow this: 

Power down the AuraVisor
Power it back up and lay it on a surface with the lenses pointing to the ceiling
When it is at the home screen, insert the pin and hold until the screen goes blank. 
Wait for it to reboot. 
Do not hold AuraVisor to your face as the proximity reader will disable the screen when you move it away. 
To perform a Factory reset with full system restore to factory settings. From the Home Screen: Tools > Settings > System > Reset. Wait for it to reboot. Warning this will remove all stored date.

 Downloading some content quickly

The easiest way to search and install games onto the Auravisor is to go to the play store on a PC/Mac. Login with the same account you logged in with on your AuraVisor. Select a game/app you want to install. Select install and it should give you the option of what device. It will display "RK3288". Choose this. The app will automatically download and install on your AuraVisor. it may take a few minutes to show up and the AuraVisor needs to be connected to WiFi to install. 
I did this with two games while I was at work, started my AV when I got home and they were there within 10 seconds (I've got a good broadband speed though so it may vary)

In the home screen: Apps > Applications > Games. There are a number of games ready to download. To select a game to download select the App. Select Download (it will turn from green to a lighter blue colour). 

Using the HDMI App

 Use of the HDMI App require an HDMI to Mini HDMI converter. From the Home Screen (lounge): Apps > HDMI IN. The Application should automatically detect the HDMI input.

Recovering from screen drift (screen rotates even when you are not moving).

Occasionally gyrometer and software may sync out from each other. This can happen when the battery is at a low level. In order to stop a screen drift put AuraVisor on charge and place on a flat surface. After a couple of minutes the screen should stop drifting.

Perform a Soft reset.