Our Story



Far from another “me too” brand, Damson evolved around a passionate desire to innovate and disrupt. To us, innovation means better use of technology, filling in the gaps that others overlook and making products the way you want them to be.

When we design a product, it’s not just about the features and the tech behind it. It’s the support we give to customers. Our customers view their owning a Damson product as far more just a purchase. It is a personal possession that instils a bond between us creating an emotional link. The passion our innovators, engineers and designers showed in developing the products Is shared by our support team. Embodied by our offer of unlimited support providing an expression of trust that only a family bond creates.




The level of trust between product owners and Damson drives the passion that ensures we will continue to innovate, disrupt and never deviate from our pursuit of developing the best products.


We appreciate we’re a young brand and for some, this will be the first time you have heard of Damson but we are always there to give our customers the support they need through our support desk, live chat, email, social media or, If you want, you can also visit our York HQ and showroom whenever we’re open.

How did this all begin?

Back in 2012, after having spent years tinkering on projects and playing around with technology our CEO and founder made crazy decision to found Damson and design the very first version of the Cisor. In the years since the company has come a long way and continues to design and deliver great designs, with great sounds that are easy for everyone to use.


CEO James Talbot