Buy Now. Pay later.



Want to buy a set of our awesome headphones before that trip next week, you don’t get paid until you’re away?

Not 100% sure the S-Series is right for you? 
Klarna gives you the chance to try before you pay. Shop now and you have the choice of either paying 30 days after your purchase, or for purchases under a certain level (depends on country and currency) you can even split over 3 payments across 60 days. Neat huh? 

Key points:  
  • No account sign up needed 
  • No credit application 
  • Klarna will email the payment instructions directly to you 
Why you need it? 

Maybe you’ve not got the money today but you need those headphones, right? With Klarna all orders are shipped right away! You get the chance to start using our neat tech before you’ve paid for it. The payment, depending on which choice you select, will be collected automatically from the debit or credit card you enter into Klarna. That’s it. Klarna takes care of the rest, keeping you informed via their app.



The Klarna Checklist 

It’s simple to use Klarna, all you need is:  

  • Be a resident with a bank account in the UK, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Belgium or Norway.  
  • Be over 18 years old 
  • A residential address in one of the countries above 
How to use Klarna? 
  1. Select your Damson product and add it to the cart 
  2. Proceed to checkout 
  3. Enter your residential address 
  4. Select a Klarna payment type and wait for Klarna confirmation 
  5. Select “place your order” to finish 
  6. Wait for your Damson order to be delivered 
  7. Sit back and enjoy great audio