Product support

ANC Headphones


Can I use the headphones wired?

Yes, they come with a 3.5ml aux cable that can be used when the battery is dead

How do I know the headphones are charging?

The “d” logo will be red. When they are fully charged, the LED will go out.

Why am I getting no audio?

First check that the volume on the device you are playing from is turned up. Check that the device is connected to the correct device in the Bluetooth settings.

If you are still experiencing no audio please contact our support team. Ensure you have not connected another device to your Headphones.

What devices are compatible with my ANC headphones?

Anything that con connect by Aux or anything that has a Bluetooth setting

How do I charge my headphones?

The headphones come with a Micro-USB charger. Always make sure you charge from a wall socket.

They are fully charged in 2-4 hours. Make sure you charge for 12 hours from a wall socket before first use.

How to connect by Bluetooth

Turn on the HeadSpace by holding down the Bluetooth button until you hear “Power on”. Make sure Bluetooth is activated on the chosen device and is able to search. Select “Damson HeadSpace”. You will hear the announcement “connected” when it is paired.

How do I clean the headphones?

The ear cups can be removed carefully by turning counter-clockwise. To refit them again, reverse. Clean using a damp cloth with warm, soapy water. Make sure you dry these thoroughly before re-attaching.

How do I reset my headphones?

Run the battery totally flat by leaving the headphones turned on. Leaving the noise cancellation activated will expedite this process. Once flat, please charge for 12-18 hours directly from a wall socket. This should work as a system reconfiguration.

The ear cups are too small

Try extending the band first. If this is still uncomfortable, we have larger replacement ear cups available on our website and on Amazon

I can still hear outside noise when the noise cancellation is activated

Is this when audio is being played or not? The noise cancellation is designed to block out 70% of outside interference when audio is playing, so hearing outside interference when just wearing the headphones with noise cancellation is activated is normal.

How does the microphone work?

Turn off ANC to get full capability. Remember, you may need to speak up. Over ear headphones can trick the brain into thinking you are speaking louder than you are! **Please note, the microphone will only work when the headphones are connected via Bluetooth, not the 3.5ml cable (you can amend this by toggling your device settings)**

Do you offer out of warranty repairs?

Yes, our pricing is detailed in the warranty section. Please contact support if you wish to continue with an out of warranty repair.

Does the Noise Cancellation still work if the battery is flat?

No, the headphones work plugged in as general over ear headphones, but they need to have battery for the noise cancellation to work, Bluetooth or no Bluetooth