Product support



How to pair your device to the Cisor?

Turn the Cisor to Bluetooth (logo will flash Blue). On your device go to Bluetooth settings and search. Select “Damson Cisor”. It will not be paired and will automatically reconnect when you turn it on in the future.

How do I pair 2 Cisors together?

Turn both Cisor’s on and into Bluetooth mode. Open the bluetooth connections on your device. On the back of your “master speaker, hold down the play/pause button until you hear a chime. Do the same on the second speaker. These are now reset and ready to pair. Turn off one Cisor, keeping the master speaker turned on. Connect to the master from your device first, and then turn the partner speaker back on. On the main speaker, double tap the play/pause button. The LED will blink on both and you will hear a chime. The LED on both will flash, until you start playing audio, when the LED on the master speaker will go solid. This will give you stereo sound.

Why am I getting no audio?

First check that the volume on the device you are playing from is turned up. Check that the device is connected to the correct device in the Bluetooth settings. If you are still experiencing no audio please contact our support team.

Ensure you have not connected another device to your Headphones.

Can you connect to the Cisor with an Aux cable?

Turn Cisor to the Line in mode (opposite to Bluetooth). Fit the cable into the Cisor and your device.

Press play on your device. Volume is to be controlled using the device you are playing audio from

Why can't I access the speaker phone function?

The Cisor does not have speaker phone capability

What do the buttons do on the Cisor?

The only button you will ever need to use on the Cisor is the play/pause button on the back of the unit. This is used for pairing two Cisors in stereo mode, or playing/pausing audio.

How do I know when the Cisor is charging?

When your Cisor is charging, the small LED on the back of the device, next to where the cable is inserted, will be lit red.

Can the Cisor be reset?

Turn the speaker to Bluetooth mode, and hold down the play/pause button for 5-10 seconds. You will hear an audible chime to indicate Cisor has been reset. We recommend removing any Damson Cisor in your devices settings after a reset as it will have wiped any data.

How do I charge my Cisor?

Cisor requires a USB-C cable, which is supplied and stored under the bottom of the insert in the box.

What surfaces will my Cisor work best on?

Be creative! Ensure the surface you use is not solid as solid surfaces do not conduct sound. We recommend trying coffee tables, glass (use the mount if using a window), metals etc. Surfaces like marble, concrete, stone will not work

Why won't my Cisor screw into the mount?

Firstly, please make sure you don’t over turn. Make sure you have lined up the threads correctly and the mount will turn easily onto the Cisor. If you are experiencing problems please contact support.