The ear free design allows you to stay alert and responsive at all times. Listen to your music at the same time as listening to what’s around you.


This lightweight, secure fit headset will not let you down. At just 38g in weight you won’t even realise you are wearing them.


HeadBones X are hardwearing and made with a flexible titanium frame. Safe to store in your gym bag after a hard session.

Stay Aware


A charging time of just 2 hours gives you up to 6 hours of continuous playback. Long enough for that walk, run or cycle.


With open bone conduction drivers, you can still hear your music but with the added safety of hearing what is going around you.


With an IPX5 rating, not only are these headphones water resistant but also sweat and dust proof, seeing you through the most vigorous workout.


With controls at your fingertips and an inbuilt mic, you can take that hands free call without disturbing your workout.

Always Aware

Wireless headphones aimed at keeping you safe at all times. Unlike traditional headphones that cover and close off the outer ear, these rest on the temporal bone, just in front of your ear, and transmit the sound through vibration to your inner ear allowing you to hear your surroundings and your music.

Stay connected

The Headbones X features improved, stable wireless connectivity to keep you connected to your smart device without those annoying drop outs and works with all modern smartphones. The highly sensitive microphone allows you to take calls hands-free on your headset with the touch of a button without having to get your phone out of your bag. Improved battery life with up to 6 hours playback from a single charge.

Flexible, durable design

Specially selected materials have been used to craft the Headbones X to create a truly flexible headset. The cutting edge titanium alloy and silicon design maximizes durability – safe to store in your gym bag after a long session.


Excellent connection quality through Bluetooth, these headphones are compatible with modern smartphones, tablet, PCs MACs, iOS and Android devices.

How It Works

Safety is paramount when running or cycling. Keeping your ears free is vital to your wellbeing. Headbones X allows you to listen to your favourite music, podcast or audio book without blocking your ears. With Headbones X you can stay motivated and safe on long training sessions. The headphones simply sit on the temporal bone in front of your ear and use the bone to conduct the sound directly to your inner ear, leaving your outer ear free to listen to everything else.






  • 15mm bone conduction driver

  •  BT4.2 Blue tooth wireless connection

  • 45 – 20khz frequency range

  •  84db output

  • 180mAh built in lithium Ion battery

  • Charging – 2 hours via micro USB

  • Wireless range: 10 metres/30 foot

  • Water / Rain / Sweat resistant to IPX5

  • Weight – 38g

  1. HeadBones X
  2. Micro USB Charging Cable
  3. Earplugs


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1 review for HeadBones X

  1. Steve Knight

    As an early adopter through Kickstarter of the original Headbones, i was eager to try the new HeadBones X out. This version is smaller and lighter than the original which again is a testament to Damsons’ continued innovation. Gone is the large battery pack of the old headbones and the new ones are much more comfortable to wear and do not have the “heavy weight” that the old ones had at the back of the head. The sound quality is good and i find myself turning down the volume so that i can hear the music at a sufficient level to still hear my surroundings. Of course they do go very loud as well if you want to frown out your surroundings, which i find useful on a spin bike when you don’t want to hear the bike movement.

    Since getting these, i use them daily in work and find that at a low volume level, the music is audible throughout the day, but i can still participate in meetings and conversations. The buttons are within easy reach, and if i want to pause the music, a single push of the side button is all that is needed. This button is also used for skipping tracks (double click) or accepting a phone call. If i had one negative, it would be that the announcements (for pairing, connected, power on and in particular low battery) come through at a set volume and not at the volume you might be listening to music at, so for me this comes through at a higher volume and generally “scares the bejesus” out of me at the end of the day.

    The HeadBones X feel very secure on your head and will be stable for cycling, running etc as well as gym work and general day-to-day movement.

    i would highly recommend HeadBones X to anyone who wants to listen to music, while still being contactable on the telephone, but also being aware of the sounds around them.

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