Active Noise Cancelling Technology

Active Hybrid Noise Cancelling Technology cancels up to 30db of background sound. Using 4 AMS noise cancelling chips that deliver double effective noise cancelling when listening to music, videos or on a voice of video call. If the background noise is too distracting, just switch the ANC on and focus on what you want.

Ultra long battery life

No more battery anxiety. With 50 hours battery life you can fly from the UK to Australia and back on a single charge! Running out of juice? A 10 minutes charge via the USB-C cable will give you enough power for 2 hours. 

Damson XD Audio Technology

Combined XD Audio noise canceling technology from Damson with 40mm diameter titanium diaphragm drivers generates a balanced HiFi quality sound with optimised bass and a high resolution trebles. 

50 hours play time from a single charge


Protein memory foam pads with a unique universal adjustable design. Wear for  longer without any uncomfortable feeling.


With a high quality built in microphone  that works in harmony with the ANC software, Damson headphones ensure you can listen on calls, and be clearly heard at the other end. 

Wireless or Wired

Using the latest version 5 BT chip, ANC V2 delivers its audio with the highest quality available. For times when wireless doesn’t work, use the supplied 3.5mm cable.


With a sleek yet subtle design with gun metal finish, premium protein cloth and additional touches of metal the ANC V2 not only sound amazing, they look it too.

HiFi Quality Sound

Engineered for comfort.


Damson Wireless ANC V2 headphones are comfortable and light (290g) meaning you will probably forget you’re wearing them. The large protein comfort pads hug your ears without making them ache to allow you to wear them as long as you need.

Travel Friendly


Space in your hand baggage is a premium these days. With a world of traveling experience, our engineers knew they had to make V2 lightweight, robust, and easy to store.

Escape wherever you are


Finding moments of calm are even harder in the stressful lives we live today. With Damson ANC V2 headphones you can escape whatever may distract you, even if for a few moments, and enjoy a period of calm wherever you are.

Damson XD Audio Technology and USB-C Charging

HiFi Quality Sound


Our quest for greater realism in sound is perfectly displayed in the ANC V2 headphones. Encompassing dynamic sound processing ANC V2 delivers concert hall sounds.





Wireless ANC-V2 headphones


• Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0

• Multipoint: Connect to two devices simultaneously

• 4 AMS Active Noise Cancelling chips ensure smooth and dynamic audio

• Industry leading 40mm Titanium Drivers with XD audio

• Net weight: 270g

• Sensitivity: 115dB

• Sound features : XD Audio with Ultra Bass

• Charge time (USB-C): 2h

• Playtime: 50 hours*

• Clear call quality: High quality Handsfree Microphone with built in noise cancellation for clear handsfree voice calls

• Hybrid Active Noise cancelling up to 30dB

• Ideal for Zoom, Skype or Facetime video calls as well as voice calls


*Depends on Volume, music playback type, ANC use and length of voice calls.


  1. ANC V2 headphones
  2. Protective carry case
  3. USB-C charging cabe 
  4. Male to male 3.5mm aux cable


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